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Essay on Letter Home from the Trenches- Creative Writing

Dear Josephine, I have not received any letters back from home today. In fact, now I come to think of it, it’s been almost two weeks since I have received anything from back home. Regardless, I still write back with high optimism that my family receive some of my letters. I hope that my mother and father are well. I dreamt about them last night. I could see them sleeping and wishing me a safe trip home. It frightens me to think I may die out here and them being totally oblivious still wishing me a safe trip home. Today is the day before we go over the top. I’m dreading it, dying or making it through, either way it’s the thought of coming that close to death, treading over the decaying†¦show more content†¦They aren’t beneficial to the war in any way. The weather has taken a turn for the worse today. The rain is unbearable it’s turning the trenches into large putrid bathing pools. The mud that lines the walls of the trenches is now sloppy and drips upon the men along side me. Some of the men so I have been told have drown in the mud, simply because they have been to weak to fight the mud‘s grasp within these dreadful trenches . It’s getting beyond belief now, I don’t know if I can stand much more. I hate to admit it but the last few days I have been so terrified and upset that I have cried into the depths of my hands. I cant take these conditions before me any more. My feet ache, my boots are filled with thick mud and my jacket is saturated along with my lice ridden trousers. I consider myself lucky compared to some of the other men I have spoken to. Some have lost their socks, helmets and kit to the over whelming mud. I genuinely feel sorry for the men and more so their families, however I am in no position to help. I crave the day we all have a hot meal. I’m grateful for the bully beef and biscuits we are given however, we really do need hot food. It would help so many of us, the cold really does get the better of you out here. The weather doesn’t help me or my fellow comrades in times like these either everyShow MoreRelatedWilfred Owen s A Soldier For The Allies1707 Words   |  7 PagesHowever, before he died, he wrote a number of poems based on the things he endured while fighting in the war. Wilfred Owen uses his experiences from war, such as a gassing and a surprise attack gone wrong, as inspiration for his poetry; he uses his experiences to illustrate the horrors of war. Wilfred Owen was born in Oswestry, England on March 18, 1893, and from a young age, he became interested in the arts. Owen was born into a modest family and moved around a lot. Owen was born to Thomas Owen andRead MorePeculiarities of Euphemisms in English and Difficulties in Their Translation19488 Words   |  78 PagesTerrorism and war articles in translation of euphemisms 44 CONCLUSION 54 BIBLIOGRAPHY 57 ANNEX 60 INTRODUCTION This Diploma thesis is devoted to the problem of euphemisms in the English language. Euphemism (from Greek word meaning â€Å"to use words of good omen†: eu= well+ pheme = speaking) is the substitution of words of mild or vague connotations for expression rough, unpleasant. Euphemisms are words or phrases which can not be understood literally. EuphemismRead MoreImpacts of Information Technology on Individuals, Organizations and Societies21097 Words   |  85 Pagesworkplace and the lives of individuals when information technology eliminates geographical and spatial barriers. Describe some of the major impacts of information technology on individuals, organizations, and society. 17.3 Information Is Changing from a Scarce Resource to an Abundant Resource Discuss the positive and negative effects associated with the abundance of information made available by IT. 17.4 Machines Are Performing Functions Identify the issues that arise due to uneven diffusionRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages10.5/12 ITC New Baskerville Std Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 by Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievalRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesand this is precisely what McAuley, Duberley and Johnson have provided. They have done some sterling service in bringing together the very diverse strands of work that today qualify as constituting the subject of organisational theory. Whilst their writing is accessible and engaging, their approach is scholarly and serious. It is so easy for students (and indeed others who should know better) to trivialize this very problematic and challenging subject. This is not the case with the present book. ThisRead MoreInside the Meltdown49737 Words   |  199 Pagesanother whole round of fees and, in some instances, prepayment penalties. They weren t designed to be a long-term sustainable product. Of course, you can only refinance if the housing market is going up, right? If you don t have any equity in your home, you can t refinance. And that s exactly what happened as the housing market started to flatten out and then go down. These folks were locked into these mortgages. [That was 2006, but even back in 2001 you were one of the first voices saying weRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pageslittle significance. But there is little agreement over when the twentieth century c.e. arrived, and there were several points both before the year 2000 (the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, the surge of globalization from the mid-1990s) and afterward (9/11, or the global recession of 2008) when one could quite plausibly argue that a new era had begun. A compelling case can be made for viewing the decades of the global scramble for colonies after 1870 as a predictableRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 PagesLibrary and Information Center Management, Sixth Edition Robert D. Stueart and Barbara B. Moran United States Government Information: Policies and Sources Peter Hernon, Harold C. Relyea, Robert E. Dugan, and Joan F. Cheverie Library Information Systems: From Library Automation to Distributed Information Access Solutions Thomas R. Kochtanek and Joseph R. Matthews The Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management Frances C. Wilkinson and Linda K. Lewis Organization of Information, Second Edition Arlene G. TaylorRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pageswith teaching awards from both the Oregon State University MBA program and the University of Oregon Executive MBA program. He has been a member of the Portland, Oregon, chapter of the Project Management Institute since 1984. In 1995 he worked as a Fulbright scholar with faculty at the Krakow Academy of Economics on modernizing Polish business education. In 2005 he was a visiting professor at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. He received a B.A. in psychology from Claremont McKenna College

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The Forbidden Trade And Sex Trafficking - 1419 Words

Michael Azarie Professor Josh Wood English 100 10 November 2015 The Forbidden Trade â€Å"I waited till they were completely asleep. And I put my suitcase by the door. And I was about to leave...sure enough, the phone rings.† The young woman answered the phone and told her captor that she was there. She continues, â€Å"I grabbed my suitcase, I ran to the elevator, and I got outside and I started running until I got as far away as I possibly could† (ABC News). This article of Miya—her real name was undisclosed— named Teen Girls Stories of Sex Trafficking published in the ABC News report, describes her successful attempt to escape from traffickers who had enslaved and forced her into a dark world full of desire; the world of sex trafficking.†¦show more content†¦Pimps tend to choose their targets wisely by taking advantage of their social and economical disadvantages. According to the article Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls, â€Å"typically, the countries from which many of the victims originate have unstable political cli mates and are economically disadvantaged† (Deshpande and Nour). Victims are taken away from their families and loved ones, isolated in a foreign country, and unable to speak the language they need in order to ask for help. Traffickers are highly skilled profiteers who use a variety of tactics to trap their victims. They give their girls false promises such as education opportunities, job opportunities, and false marriages in order to obtain American citizenship. They also use a tactic known as debt bondage where they expect their victims to provide personal or sexual services to pay a portion of their debt (Deshpande and Nour). Also, pimps use emotional techniques to recruit women. They tend to act as if they are the only ones who care about their victims and provide them with their basic needs such as food and shelter in order to gain their devoted loyalty. Sacharay- which is how she wants to be known- is a survivor of sex trafficking who in an interview, told CNN News that â€Å"[h]e [her aggressor] was like I love you for that, I love you so much , then he would slowly put two, three more guys [for her to have sex with]† (Coorlim and Ford). On

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Causes And Effects Of Bullying - 1297 Words

Triston Norris Battle/Martinez English 111 10/23/15 Causes and Effects of Bullying Bullying is a big issue that spreads through the world. It can happen to anyone of all ages, and in numerous ways. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among people that involves a real or perceived power imbalance that either repeats or has the potential to repeat, overtime (Bullying Definition). There are so many factors that tie into bullying such as, why the bully is actually bullying, why the bully chose that victim, or even the effects that occur while the bullying is taking place. Low self-esteem is a common reason why someone would want to bully a person. Low self-esteem is the lack of pride a person feels in themselves. Often times a bully feels like they are less than others and the only way for them to feel better about themselves is to try to bring others down. A lot of bullies aren’t trying to hurt someone physically, they use words and certain remarks to torture a person, making that person feel just as less as them just to upl ift their own self-esteem. Although low self-esteem is a cause narcissism is also a factor to bullying. Not only can a bully feel less of themselves but they can also feel that they are higher or better than others. Cockiness is a trait seen in many bullies. This may show in people such as jocks at a high school, or a fellow co-worker that may have a higher position or make a higher salary. There are a lot of cases where a bully is getting bulliedShow MoreRelatedCauses and Effects of Bullying1066 Words   |  4 PagesThe rapper Macklemore once said, â€Å"Bullying is a national epidemic.† Bullying has been an issue in the United States in the 1970’s and is still growing nationwide. Despite efforts to contain and eradicate bullying, bullies and bullying has not gone away and has been growing rather than declining. Bullying is a current issue that is controversial because there is little to no action against bullying, the damage done to the victims lead to horrible actions such as suicide, and although it is gainingRead MoreThe Causes And Effects Of Bullying1369 Words   |  6 Pages2015 The Causes and Effects of Bullying Bullying is defined as unwanted or aggressive behavior that causes someone to feel afraid or intimidated. This behavior could be something physical, verbal or something done electronically or through social media. If someone feels threatened by someone’s actions or words, it could be considered bullying, even if that was not the intent. In my Senior project paper, I will discuss the types of bullying, how to recognize bullying, how to report bullying, what toRead MoreThe Cause And Effect Of Bullying1549 Words   |  7 Pagescommon variables within our family that make bullies and define the bullied. THE BULLIES AND THE BULLIED More frequently than not parents are the underlined cause of bullying. At the very least they are responsible for teaching the ways in which to avoid the stress and social impact bullying causes . Several parenting patterns, cause children to boss around or to be bullied as well as give birth to the perpetrator, the bully. Bullies Authoritarian style parenting, which makes usage of violenceRead MoreBullying : Cause And Effect2156 Words   |  9 PagesEmilie Chambers Professor Ulysses Mack English 1302 1 December 2014 Research Paper Bullying: Cause and Effect Bullying is one of America’s largest current problems involving children and teens, it is serious, destructive, and harmful and desperately needs to stop. Bullying is not secluded to one area of America, it is alive in many homes and schools. Bullies play an enormous role in causing their peers to injure themselves, become mentally unstable, struggle with depression, and potentially commitRead MoreThe Cause And Effect Of Bullying1876 Words   |  8 PagesGraduation Project Essay Topic: The Cause and Effect of Bullying Thesis Statement: Bullying is verbal physical abuse that causes the victims to be exploited from social activity, traumatized and sometimes even commit suicide. It consists of redundant acts that cause the bully to have power over the victim. Bullying is a common experience for many children, teenagers, and even adults. Bullying is aggressive behavior between two or more peers that involves a repetition of unwanted negative actionsRead MoreBullying : The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying1060 Words   |  5 PagesBullying by electric forms of contact, better known as cyberbullying, has become an epidemic throughout the world in the last few years. While those affected may not be harmed physically, mentally and emotionally they are tortured and some never recover. For youths who have been cyberbullied, it is reported that they have a higher chance of anxiety and also depression. They are also more likely to have problems in their personal lives and in school. Those affected can have thoughts that lead themRead MoreBullying : The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying1106 Words   |  5 PagesCyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices such as cell phones, computers, and tablets. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation, sometimes crossing the line into unlawful or criminal behavior. The effects of cyberbullying can be alarming, but they are clear when discussing the coinciding of actual physical bullying, poor academic performance, high rates of depression and other emotions, and even suicidal behaviorRead MoreBullying : The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying1508 Words   |  7 Pagesthe same age group. A lot of people think they know what cyberbullying and bullying is but they are not the same. Cyberbullying can affect a kid as much as physical bullying. Cyberbullying has been proven to affect one out of every three children. There are seven or more different ways a person can be cyberbullied. It can lead to person a harming themselves or others being harmed. Cyberbullying has been proven to be a cause of suicide. It affects many people and it can be prevented. ( Breguet pageRead MoreBullying Cause And Eff ect Essay1878 Words   |  8 PagesHave you ever bullied or been bullied? If you have bullied or been bullied, then you should know what bullying feels like. It has a very negative effect on one’s physical and emotional state, and creates major problems for our society. Bullying is one of the merging problems that children as well as teenagers facing in school when they are away from their parents protection. Bullying must be stopped or prevented no matter how long it takes. Nothing good comes out of bulling. It canRead MoreBullying Schools : Its Causes And Effects On Students899 Words   |  4 Pages Bullying is a worldwide issue that affects millions of individuals every day. To some it could be meant as a joke but the reality of the matter is that it could cost someone their life. One article written about the causes and effects of bullying in elementary schools’ explains, â€Å"bullying may include verbal and physical assaults, threats, ‘jokes’ or language, mockery and criticizing, insulting behavior and facial expressions†(Jan,2015). Bullying is not just narrowed down to one specific remark;

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Do Not Open This Email Essay Research free essay sample

Do Not Open This Email Essay, Research Paper Do Not Open This Electronic mail # 8220 ; Warning: New virus # 8212 ; Do non cancel! # 8221 ; is likely the most common phrase in the capable line of electronic mail today. If non those words precisely, so something similar warning people of the most recent viruses go arounding through the Internet. There are several ways viruses can be downloaded, but viruses are non the lone downloadable Nemesiss. Thankfully, America Online provides many tips for safety safeguards. Learning how viruses can and can non be downloaded, while educating oneself about viruses and Internet safety, is the best manner to protect personal computing machines. Viruss are non the lone harmful points possible of being downloaded. Programs called Trojan Horses are besides damaging to computing machines and their users. A Trojan Horse is a plan disguised as another plan, normally one of importance. Most include programming designed to inquire for of import personal information, like a watchword or recognition card figure. Unlike viruses, Trojan Horse plans do non double themselves or distribute to other computing machines. While both are harmful, viruses are really different than Trojan Horses. Viruss are plans capable of doubling themselves. They besides disperse themselves from computing machine to computing machine. Some are destructive, destructing files on the computing machine, while others are non genuinely destructive. They merely make full up infinite on the difficult thrust, which in bend slows down the computing machine and causes other plans to non run expeditiously. At any rate, Trojan Horse plans and viruses are both risky to computing machines and their users. Viruss and Trojan Horses can be downloaded in assorted ways. One manner they can non be downloaded is by merely opening an electronic mail. Numerous warnings claim opening an electronic mail will automatically download a virus onto the computing machine. These claims are in no manner true. Opening an electronic mail can non download viruses. However, downloading fond regards on electronic mails is an highly common manner to acquire a computing machine virus. This does include opening an electronic mail with images in it. Pictures are fond regards, which have to be downloaded. A warning will be shown if an electronic mail with a image in it is about to be opened. Another possible agency of obtaining a virus is by snaping on the hyper-links contained in some electronic mails. Hyper-links are the bluish links which provide cutoffs to different web sites. When the user is transferred to these net sites, some viruses can automatically be downloaded. Though in most instances, non all, a pr ompt will look inquiring if the file should be saved to the disc or run from the current location. Floppy discs bro ught place can besides incorporate viruses. Even though gap electronic mails is non a manner of geting a virus, cautiousness should be exercised in managing electronic mail. Safety safeguards can be taken to assist protect computing machines from viruses. An first-class arm in contending viruses is buying a well-known and well-thought-of anti-virus plan. America Online, known as AOL, suggests look intoing for updates on anti-virus plans about every two hebdomads. New viruses are invariably being created. Other methods of protection are besides effectual. Never download files from unknown people. If the mail is unasked, so file is likely non valid. AOL members can put their electronic mail penchants to maintain from having debris electronic mail. Besides, be highly careful about downloading stuff from web sites, including images. Most valid sites will supply a notice saying an anti-virus package has checked their files. If it is non clear or the files have non been checked, download the files to a floppy disc. Then scan the disc with a personal anti-virus plan. Floppy discs brought into the place should besides be checked. Last, create back up discs frequ ently. If a virus is downloaded, a current back up disc will be highly helpful. In add-on to protecting their computing machines, AOL members need to instantly describe any misdemeanors to the proper sections. Never respond to any debris electronic mail. Reacting to these electronic mails is a misdemeanor of the footings of service ( TOS ) . A TOS misdemeanor could ensue in loss of service for the AOL member. Alternatively of reacting, frontward all electronic mail misdemeanors, like vulgar linguistic communication, to TOSEMAIL1 @ Junk electronic mail should be forwarded to TOSSPAM @ Any emails containing fond regards should be forwarded to TOSFILES @ America Online provides its members with many tips for protecting themselves and their computing machines. All of this information, and much more, can be found at AOL Keyword: Safety. Most people receive electronic mail from friends or household members warning them to non open certain electronic mail. The common belief is by opening the electronic mail a virus could be automatically downloaded. It still may be a good thought to merely cancel the unwanted electronic mails or to send on them to the proper governments, but opening electronic mails can non download viruses. Viruss and Trojan Horse plans can be downloaded onto computing machines through email fond regards and other assorted ways. However, by following the safety tips provided by most Internet suppliers, like America Online, the possibility of downloading a virus is greatly decreased. Staying informed about viruses and practising Internet safety is the best signifier of protection against computing machine viruses.

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Activity 1_ Historical Context and a Closer Look at Setting Essays

Unit 3: A Struggle for Freedom Activity 1: Historical Context and a Closer Look at Setting July 29, 2019 1. Geography a) Louisiana is a state located in the southeastern part of the United States of America. Louisiana is surrounded by Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico in the east, Texas in the west, Arkansas in the north, and the Gulf of Mexico in the south. This is where Louisiana is located. (in United States of America) b) From my house/neighbourhood to Rosedown Plantation State Historic Site in Louisiana (12501 LA-10, Saint Francisville, LA 70775-4531) it would take 20hr 37min to get there by car and it is 2,140km far. According to Mapquest c) Louisiana and Toronto have many contrasting differences. To begin with, Louisiana is located far south of the United States of America. With that being said, there is an obvious climate difference. Due to the fact, Louisiana is closer to the equator in comparison to Toronto, the weather is a lot hotter and the winters are not as harsh. In fact, in Louisiana it is extremely rare to see snow unlike Toronto where it snows heavily in the winter season. 2. African American Rights in the U.S. a) On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation. This official document demanded slaves of certain states were to be free. As it stated it in original document that all persons held as slaves within the rebellious states are, and henceforward shall be free. b) The Civil Rights Movement primarily began in 1950's to 1960's in the United States. The objective of the movement was for African Americans to gain equal rights under the law in the United States of America. 3. Setting a) According to "A plantation is the large-scale estate meant for farming that specializes in cash crops. The crops that are grown include cotton, coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar cane, sisal, oil seeds, oil palms, rubber trees, and fruits." b) A plantation is significant place in the Southern United States because it was used to enforced labour slaves to harvest produce for export and trade. c) Segregation is separation in different racial groups in a community, country or establishment. d) Segregation in schools and churches were justified in the Southern United States because of a law that was passed on 1896. This law stated: "the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racially separate facilities, if equal, did not violate the Constitution"

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Berry College - SAT Scores, Costs and Admissions Data

Berry College - SAT Scores, Costs and Admissions Data Berry College has an acceptance rate of 62 percent. Applicants can choose from the Common Application or Berrys own online application. There is no application fee. All applicants must submit SAT scores or ACT scores and a high school transcript. An essay and letters of recommendation are optional. Will You Get In? Calculate Your Chances of Getting In  with this free tool from Cappex Admissions Data (2017) Berry College Acceptance Rate: 62 percentGPA, SAT and ACT Graph for Berry AdmissionsTest Scores 25th / 75th PercentileSAT Critical Reading: 570 / 660SAT Math: 550 / 640What these SAT numbers meanTop Georgia college SAT comparisonACT Composite: 24 / 29ACT English: 24 / 30ACT Math: 22  / 27What these ACT numbers meanTop Georgia college ACT comparison Berry College Description Founded in 1902, Berry College is a private  liberal arts college  located in Rome, Georgia, a little over an hour from Atlanta. Berry has the distinction of having the largest contiguous campus in the world. At 26,000 acres, the Berry campus encompasses fields, woodlands, and an entire mountain. Students will find lots of options for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and horseback riding. For a small college, Berry offers a wide range of academic programs through its four schools including dual-degree programs in Engineering with  Georgia Tech  and Nursing with  Emory University. Berry has a large endowment which has allowed it to expand facilities in recent years and offer all students grant aid. The college has a 12 to 1  student faculty ratio, an excellent work experience program that is open to all students, and a strong national reputation. Overall, Berry College represents an excellent educational value. Horse lovers should note that Berry made our list ofà ‚  top equestrian colleges. Enrollment (2017) Total Enrollment: 2,110  (1,978 undergraduates)Gender Breakdown: 39 percent male / 61 percent female98 percent full-time Costs (2017 - 18) Tuition and Fees: $35,176Books: $1,000 (why so much?)Room and Board: $12,260Other Expenses: $2,196Total Cost: $50,632 Berry College Financial Aid (2016- 17) Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 100 percentPercentage of New Students Receiving Types of AidGrants: 100 percentLoans: 54 percentAverage Amount of AidGrants: $21,883Loans: $7,700 Academic Programs: Most Popular Majors:  Animal Science, Biology, Communication, Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Business AdministrationWhat major is right for you?  Sign up to take the free My Careers and Majors Quiz at Cappex. Graduation and Retention Rates First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 78 percent4-Year Graduation Rate: 57 percent6-Year Graduation Rate: 64 percent Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Mens Sports:  Football, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Track and Field, SoccerWomens Sports:  Soccer, Equestrian, Track and Field, Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf Berry and the Common Application Berry College uses the Common Application. These articles can help guide you: Common Application essay tips and samplesShort answer tips and samplesSupplemental essay tips and samples Data Source: National Center for Education Statistics

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The Hershey Chocolate Company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Hershey Chocolate Company - Research Paper Example Before Hershey’s existence, the citizens from the wealthy class were the only ones who could afford milk chocolates. Hershey’s marketing strategy entailed producing high-quality milk chocolate that were sold at a low-cost. The market for Hershey chocolate grew widely, and as a result, it called for building more factories in new areas such as New York and Philadelphia. The chocolate company became involved in developing innovative products such as â€Å"kisses chocolates†, which were introduced in the 1920s. Additionally, over the years the company has been involved in making more innovative chocolate products, which consumers around the world have appreciated (Bozich 34). Milton S. Hershey the founder of the Hershey Company was born in the year 1857 and later died in the year 1945. He was a resident of Pennsylvania, which later came to be the location and headquarters of the chocolate company. For almost four years, he served as an apprentice to a local candy ma ker in Lancaster. Hershey himself faced obstacles in his quest of becoming a wealthy entrepreneur. His first business venture that involved making candy was in Philadelphia; however, this particular business failed after 6 years. Hershey’s breakthrough in the chocolate industry came when he moved back to Lancaster and focused on developing the Lancaster Caramel Company. Hershey later became interested in the chocolate industry, although, getting the right recipe for the chocolate products turned out to be a hard task. He worked towards creating the right recipe for chocolate bars, during those times information regarding chocolate recipe were highly secretive. Fortunately, he developed a recipe with the best formula of sugar, milk and cocoa that made the best chocolate. Ultimately, he came to form the Hershey Chocolate Company (D'Antonio 56). The cocoa beans used, by Hershey, to make chocolate comes from West Africa, particularly Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. The Hershey Co mpany has sister companies such as â€Å"Museum Experience†, Chocolate Lab†, â€Å"Cafe Zooka† and â€Å"Museum Shop† (D'Antonio 96). Customers know â€Å"The Hershey Company† for its chocolate products,